Founded in 1960 by Albert Meyer, the Meyer Gage Company was the first to commercially introduce Class ZZ gage pins sets. Al Meyer knew from the start that reliable accuracy is essential.  At Meyer, their reliability and success is based on dedication to one field – fixed limit gaging, with continuous investments in grinding and inspection equipment, their quality assurance inspection program, and certainly their most important asset of all…. their employees.

The value in the Meyer pin gage grows from the company’s attention to detail starting with 52100 bearing quality steel (Carbon Chrome Alloy) hardened throughout. Details like uniform 2″ lengths, no sharp edges, marking of both boxes and gages, sizes laser etched with serial number on each piece (except M-0 Pins) further contribute to the innate value of the Meyer line.

Meyer Quality didn’t just happen.  From his personal machining experience as owner of the General Centerless Grinding Company during the 1950’s, Al Meyer knew that there was a need for better standards in convenient hole and bore measurement. In 1960, Al decided to launch the Meyer Gage Company.  Al Meyer had rigid demands for quality… which were met early and recognized quickly by customers in the industry. Over time, the manufacturing capacity of both businesses were consumed by the demand for his fixed limit gages and eventually the two companies merged and became one, expanding several times over the years.  It continues today, now producing a wide variety of fixed limit gages.

Now, in it’s second generation, James Meyer President, is head of marketing and distribution, John Meyer Vice President is in charge of all manufacturing, so the Meyer “touch” is never far away.

Their company motto is “We strive to ensure customer satisfaction by continuously improving the effectiveness of their process and providing on time delivery of defect free products to their valued customers. Complete customer satisfaction is their goal.”

Each Meyer Gage Co. employee is responsible for reaching desired requirements the first time by performing every task to its standards or initiating action to cause formal change.

Comprehensive documentation governs Meyer Gage Co.’s Quality Program, procedures, practices, forms, drawings, and similar documentation that affect product quality and shall be formally documented and controlled. All such documents are maintained and easily accessible.

Meyer Gage Co. is comprised of several facilities and divisions. Each business unit and or manufacturing operation is autonomous with documented quality systems and quality manuals defining products and services.

Their manufacturing facility is ISO 9001 : 2008 certified.

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