Their global leadership in the weighing industry is attributed to four principles that guide the way they conduct business – the OHAUS Advantage. These four principles lead us to fulfill their commitment to meeting their customer’s expectations and achieve excellence in every aspect of their business.
Heritage & History
They first opened their doors in Newark, New Jersey, in 1907 as a small scale repair business and have established themselves as a trusted supplier of precise and reliable balances and scales. They continue to build upon their century-old knowledge of the industry by incorporating the newest technology and advancements necessary to continually improve their products to ensure they constantly meet market needs.

Their years of operation devoted exclusively to the weighing industry have been marked by advancements and achievements that have propelled us to the next level of success. From the introduction of the Harvard Trip Balance, which quickly became the standard by which other mechanical balances are judged, to the introduction of the Explorer line of analytical and precision balances, the most advanced and intuitive product to ever come from OHAUS, they have the long-standing experience necessary to deliver high-quality and durable weighing instruments.

Industry Leadership
OHAUS has grown from a small scale repair business to an undisputed global leader in the weighing industry that manufactures reliable, full-featured yet easy-to-use balances and scales at an exceptional value. Customers on six continents trust their durable and highly-accurate products to meet their weighing needs. An American company headquartered in Parsippany, New Jersey, with satellite offices located in 20 countries around the globe and distribution partners in many additional countries, OHAUS’ global presence allows us to better serve and respond to the needs of their customers.

AN ISO 9001:2008 manufacturer, OHAUS maintains manufacturing facilities in six countries in order to effectively meet market demands and efficiently produce their products. They also have three distribution hubs strategically located on three different continents in order to provide quick shipment and delivery of their products.

Ingenious Portfolio
Their rich history and extensive industry knowledge have resulted in a comprehensive line of high-performance balances and scales that continually meet their customers’ weighing needs at economical and cost-effective prices. OHAUS products offer the highest level of quality and value in their class.

Every balance and scale is carefully designed and crafted with the demands, trends, and expectations of the industries they serve in mind. They carefully consider the way their products are expected to perform and the value they are expected to bring to the job, and each and every one of their weighing instruments meet or exceed these expectations.

Their products are built to be durable, highly reliable, easy-to-use and require minimal setup, offering efficient ways to produce accurate results with each use.

Practically every industry that requires a balance or scale as an integral part of their operations will find an OHAUS product that can provide the necessary results. Their robust product portfolio offers weighing equipment that can provide benefits across every facet of every industry they serve.

Service & Support
OHAUS is committed to providing unmatched customer service and technical support. From logistical inquiries, to parts replacement and technical service, their friendly and responsive customer service and technical support representatives are highly-trained to provide answers to your questions and solutions to your problems in a timely manner. With offices in twenty countries, their customers located in every corner of the world can receive personalized service and support in their time of need.

OHAUS is also a trusted source of information and offers a wealth of resources that are of great value to professionals in almost every industry. Their vast library of information will answer most questions about their products’ features, maintenance, applications, and potential uses. Their large array of literature includes brochures, data sheets, product tutorials, calibration guides, user manuals, and how-to-guides that provide the information necessary to operate your OHAUS equipment as well as decide which product will best meet your needs.

The intuitive and user-friendly offers a detailed product selector, designated dealer zone, as well as specific sections for each industry they serve, guaranteeing that the information you are seeking is easily accessible.

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