First in Torque for Over 75 Years

In 1940 Paul Sturtevant incorporated his torque tool company. Frank Livermont also incorporated Richmont that same year.  Those two companies drove the development of the error proofing and torque tool industry. By the time the companies merged they had produced the bulk of the important firsts in torque application.

From torque wrenches to torque screwdrivers, interchangeable heads for torque wrenches and the first torque analyzers and calibration instruments, Paul Sturtevant and Frank Livermont led the way. That set our DNA long ago.

The industry leadership that started long before 1940 continues today.  Sturtevant Richmont continues to shape the industry with game-changing innovation including the development of radio equipped torque hand tools that connect to a process monitor. First to market in 1999 Sturtevant Richmont continues to create innovation for their customers.

They simply first listen to what their customers tell them they want and need. If they don’t already make that solution, they invent it for them. One of their customers had a very difficult access problem with a particular fastener on a build. The customer needed documentation of when the work was done and they were using the Global 8 process monitor/controller. So they created a torque wrench for that particular application.

What do you need?

  • Accuracy
  • Reliability
  • Durability

That is how their customers see them.
That is who they are.
They make the Tools You Trust.

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