There are tons of benefits to inspecting your manufactured products with a CMM, but I want to talk about what it is that will affect your company the most. Quality and Waste Reduction.

What is a CMM?

It stands for Coordinate Measuring Machine, and its purpose is to scan your part or product and give you an exact 3D measurement of every crevasse on the final piece or product. It can inform you of many things that have gone wrong during production, some of which: if the machines are cutting too thin, if your mold has defects, or if your draft was inaccurately notated before it hit production lines.


Quality, quantity, and more quality. When your reputation is on the line and you want to make sure that every part you make is going to fit and function properly, the one thing that stands in your way is data. If you don’t have the data in order to assure your customer that they are getting precision pieces, then how can you really assure them that it is? The best procedure to prevent this is to take random parts off the line and measure it with a CMM. This will give you an average over time so that you know how your production line is working and can assure your customer of precision and quality.




The other thing I wanted to discuss is waste. The worst thing that could possibly happen to any parts manufacturer is a recall and wasted materials. I shouldn’t say the worst thing but it’s definitely up there on the holy crap list! If you’re pulling parts off the line in intervals and then inspecting it with your CMM or sending it out, you most likely will catch issues before they reach the customer. No more recalls, no more customer complaints, and definitely a whole lot less wasted product. Your brand reputation will benefit as well!


In the end, it all affects your profit margins. Without quality control, you cannot assure customers of the precision, and without waste reduction, you exert your resources on small mistakes. These are not the only reasons to buy or use a CMM service, but they definitely are the most important ones for your manufacturing output!



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