Fluke 5560A Multi-Function Calibrator

Fluke 5560A Multi-Function Calibrator

American Calibration, Inc. is proud to be the first ISO/IEC 17025:2017 accredited calibration laboratory in the USA to have added the brand new Fluke 5560A Multi-Function Calibrator to our scope of accreditation.

This state-of-the-art device provides the lowest uncertainty for on-site field equipment calibration services.

With it’s new capability of sourcing synthesized Inductance (up to 120 H), or DC and AC current up to 30 Amps, it raises the bar for the types of on-site calibration service we can offer our customers.

When the 2 GHz oscilloscope option becomes available (estimated Q4 2023), this device will be an even greater performer, calibrating oscilloscopes in the field.

We are excited to be adding this item to our already impressive electronics laboratory, which already includes:

  • Fluke 5730A laboratory-grade, high performance multi-function calibrator
  • Fluke 5790B AC Measurement Standard, with the suite of A40B Current Shunts
  • Fluke 52120A Transconductance Amplifier
  • Fluke 5725A Amplifier
  • Fluke 732C DC Voltage Reference Standard
  • Fluke 742A Precision Resistance Standards
  • Fluke 910R Rubidium GPS Frequency Standard
  • Fluke 7526A Precision Process Calibrator
  • Fluke Met/Team with Met/Cal automation calibration suite
  • IndySoft Calibration Management Suite

We are working on completing automated calibration procedures using Fluke Met/Cal for the calibration of Fluke 55xx series devices and intend on adding that capability to our scope by Q4 2023.